Invisalign Teen aligners fit BEAUTIFULLY into a teenager’s life.

Today teenagers don’t have to be self-conscious when they are taking school photos, going to proms, posting pictures online, or taking part in any of the other activities and sports that they love. And even better news– Invisalign Teen begins working imeediately– with your teen’s first set of clear aligners. They are clearly on the way to straighter and healthier teeth!

Now you’ll find lots of teens smiling openly about Invisalign Teen because Invisalign smiles:


  • Look fabulous on Facebook, family photos and yearbooks — it’s very difficult for anyone to tell you’re wearing clear plastic aligners. Even if you’re right next to someone, Invisalign is virtually impossible to see!
  • Use no metal or wires so at a prom, party, or interview you are extra confident and really feel like smiling.
  • Are easy to maintain whether it’s eating, brushing or flossing — you can easily and quickly remove your aligners. Once your Invisalign is removed, you can eat whatever you wants “apples, corn on the cob, pizza, popcorn – all your favorites.
  • Are comfortable! Invisalign Teen aligners, composed of lightweight plastic, are custom-made and fit snugly over your teeth.
  • So simple to remove – the Invisalign aligners are easy to slip out off your teeth and place them back on later. Whether it’s meals, parties, sports playing musical instruments or brushing your teeth, Invisalign Teen are easily removed and popped back in!
Your Fave Foods– Popcorn, Pizza … no Problem!

You may have heard from friends who wear braces that they can’t eat a lot of their favorite foods. With Invisalign Teen you literally eat anything you want! The clear aligners are removable, which of course means you just pop them out and can eat all the things you love without worrying about getting foods stuck in your braces, losing a rubber band or breaking a bracket!

It’s your life, you can keep doing what you love with Teen Invisalign!

Whether you’re kicking around a soccer ball, swimming a 50 meter race, throwing a football, or playing the trombone in a school band, you don’t have to stop the activities you love or be concerned about wires and braces getting in the way!

Invisalign Teen is causing parents to smile too because:

Parents are finding out that Invisalign Teen may help build a teenager’s confidence as a teen’s happy smile can enhance chances for success during school, social, and career events.
Because a teen isn’t embarrassed by being self-conscious with a ‘metal mouth’ or ‘brace face,’ he or she may be able to more fully concentrate on school, musical interests, social events, dates, sports and many other activities teens like.
Because the Teen Invisalign aligners easy to remove, it’s more likely your teen will continue with gool dental hygiene, brushing, flossing and subsequently avoiding tooth decay that’s sometimes exacerbated by metal braces.
And best of all, Invisalign Teen aligners use the same Invisalign state-of-the-art technology that doctors worldwide have used to treat more than a million patients.
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