Dr. Peter M. Roth Brings Thousand Oaks Quality Orthodontics Services

With years of experience behind him providing Thousand Oaks braces and other orthodontic treatments, Dr. Roth is a professional you can place your trust in. Dedicated to keeping up with the latest advancements in technology and techniques, you know that you are always getting the latest and best from him.

Part of what separates his from other Thousand Oaks orthodontics practices is that he makes certain to offer treatments that are not just effective, but also aesthetically pleasing. Adults, teens, and children alike can benefit from his expertise while still feeling confident in their smile. So, what are some of the treatments he offers?


Comfortable, highly effective, and completely clear—no one knows you are in treatment besides you and your doctor. There is no other treatment like it on the market and Dr. Roth is an expert provider.

Invisalign Teen

Just like regular Invisalign with a few modification to make it perfect for teenagers: indicators to show if the teen is wearing the aligners as often as needed, power ridges, eruption tabs for teeth that have not come in yet, and replacement aligners in case a few are lost.

Damon System

This system offers Thousand Oaks braces that are self-ligating, making them more comfortable, more effective, and less visible. These are the perfect braces for anyone who wants discreet treatment but requires the effectiveness of braces.